The installation of your new kitchen or bath remodel varies with the complexity of the project. Please allow 4-6 hours for the stone installation of your project.


We ask the following to ensure a great installation experience:

  • Please clear the project countertop area of all objects that would impede the installation process
  • A clear and unobstructed path should be cleared for our installers
  • All cabinets will be rechecked for level and flatness before the installation of the new countertops
  • Undermount sink(s), if applicable, will be mounted and readied for your new countertops
  • Final cuts and cutouts may be required to fit your new stone countertops between walls
  • All faucet holes will be drilled and checked for proper fit at the end of the installation
  • Final cleaning and the care and maintenance of your new stone countertops will be reviewed            

We ask that you do not use the sink(s) in any way for at least 12 hours. Please keep this in mind when scheduling your plumber to reconnect the water and drain. Also, cook tops and faucets, etc. will be dropped into place for confirmation of fit.