Follow these simple instructions below to preserve your countertop option.


General cleaning of your solid surface countertop can easily be done by wiping the surface with a damp cloth, sponge or soapy water. Avoid any products such as nail polish remover, oily soaps, furniture cleaners or paint strippers being used or spilled onto the countertop. If your countertop becomes stained, you can clean the area with an ammonia-based product such as household glass cleaner or commercially available non-abrasive spray-on cleaners for solid surface products. Wipe dry with a soft cloth or paper towels to prevent spotting.

It is recommended by the manufacturer that you protect your countertop from extreme heat by using trivets or hot pads. Acrylic surfaces are subject to heat shock if they are exposed to extreme changes in temperature. Acrylic (Integral Bowl) Sinks should be warmed before subjecting them to extremely hot (boiling) water.


Quartz countertop surfaces are a nonporous surface and are simple to clean. For polished quartz material the manufacture recommends you use a mild household cleaner, such as Soft Scrub Liquid Gel with Bleach and a non abrasive sponge. In case of stubborn spills or stains, soak the area for up to 10 minutes with the above cleaner and vigorously wipe away with a non scratch Scotch Brite® pad. Quartz surfaces  are an extremely hard surface, however it is recommended that you use trivets or hot pads to protect your countertop.


Use warm soapy water, granite cleaner or a Ph balanced household cleaning agent that contains no ammonia to clean your countertop. The cleaners with any type of ammonia will strip the sealant from your countertop. Granite countertops are extremely hard surfaces and very resistant to heat and  scratching. Care should be taken before you are tempted to cut on your new granite countertops. It is recommended that you use a cutting board as the cutting board will protect your granite and save you from having to sharpen your knives.

An annual sealing program should be followed up once every year. By using a natural stone sealer that is recommended, you can enhance the beauty of your granite and have it serve as a stain resistance guard for the countertop.